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System Overview

TeaLeaMan is a comprehensive, innovative, web-based software package to facilitate teaching, learning, research, and administration in educational institutions. The main functions are

  1. Academic program development
    1. Classification of subjects and majors
    2. Standardization of course specification
    3. Dynamic change of curriculums
  2. Teaching evaluation
    1. Student's evaluations of instructor, course and teaching assistant
    2. Convenient and secure use of evaluation data for the purpose of improving teaching quality
  3. Program assessment
    1. Archiving teaching materials
    2. Archiving student's submissions of assignments, tests and exams
    3. Analysis of data of teaching evaluations
  4. Optimized course scheduling
    1. Instructor preferred time and course preferred time
    2. Non-concurrent courses
    3. Timeshare of classrooms
    4. Iterative scheduling and changing
    5. Analysis of utilization of resources
  5. Management of student academic status
    1. Admission process
    2. Transferring management
    3. Auditing for graduation
    4. Changing majors
  6. Course enrollment
    1. Automatic filtering of course candidates
    2. Instructor and advisor's online approval
    3. Changing enrollment status
  7. Student information and academic monitoring
    1. Quickly and completely keeping tracking student's academic performance
    2. Homework and grades
    3. Attendance management
  8. Online teaching and advising
    1. Online publication of syllabus and teaching materials
    2. Assigning and managing assignments and tests
    3. Automatic or tool-aided grading of assignments and tests
    4. Online tutoring
  9. Grade aggregation and analysis
    1. Grouping assignment items
    2. Generating detailed reports by a few of clicks
    3. Student Performance alert
    4. Statistics and analysis of grades
  10. Communication platform
    1. Bulletin board allowing users to post and view announcements in a controllable manner
    2. Internal Email between individual users to exchange subject-specific messages such as complicated math expressions
    3. Instant messages for online tutoring
    4. Discussion board for communications between students
  11. Online document management and processing
    1. Uploading and downloading teaching materials and documents
    2. Managing the documents: open, copy, delete, rename, organizing, archiving
    3. Formatting scientific documents and processing images
    4. Digital signing certificates, transcript, receipts of fee payments, assignment submissions.
  12. Resource sharing for teaching and research
    1. Resource collecting from the client, server and the Internet
    2. Resources can be hardware, software and information
    3. Resource integration for computation, simulation, compilation, formatting documents, processing images, acquiring data and grading homework
    4. LaTex compilation to PDF and translation to MathML, C++ formatting and compilation, Java formatting, compilation and execution, XML validation, one-click natural language translation are just a few examples.
  13. System analysis and development
    1. The new web forms and spreadsheets allows user to handle any structured data and support generic web development
    2. Quick customization of system, for example, hiding columns and renaming headings, customized printing design
    3. Quickly extending to other management systems: human resource, property, library, research results and project management
The main features are:
  1. Versatile: Extensive functions cover major operational processes in educational institutions.
  2. Easy to use: on a simple, consistent and logical user interface, everything is handy, so most students can use it without tutorial.
  3. Secure: the key information is encrypted for transmission.
  4. Reliable and robust: as TeaLeaman is developed by using the Java technology on the back end, it tolerates the end user's improper operations and will not crash. The system's availability is high.
  5. Fast executing and short responding: algorithms are optimized, and data transmission is the minimum
  6. Highly efficient: TeaLeaMan tries to organize each complex task on one screen, but tries to split the jobs among all authorized members using ideas of distributed computing.
  7. Scalable: different servers (software) can be installed on one or more computers. And the system can be used by a single person or tens of thousands of students in a university.
  8. Compatible: It can run on UNIX, Linux or Windows, and it connects with many types of relational database management systems (Oracle, MySQL, Sql Server, Access, Postgres). Client side supports IE, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  9. Adaptable: many functions of database connections and migration allows existing systems be integrated to new systems quickly.
  10. Lower requirements: system's risk management allows lower requirements on IT personnel and hardware.